Londoners most likely to face redundancy, report finds

by Chris Jackson

Patrick Crowder

Londonhad the most cases of redundancy per 1,000 people in 2021, according to a study conducted by UtilityBidder. 19,095 people face redundancy in the capital, which is a miniscule increase in numbers of redundancies since 2011, when the study’s data begins. The rest of the UK has seen a decrease in redundancies, including Northern Ireland which has seen a 333% decrease over the last ten years.

The research also examined disparities between industries, showing that administrative and support services were most prone to redundancy. The manufacturing industry also showed a high number of redundancies, with 15,117 cases in 2021. These industries, however, both saw decreases in redundancy overall since 2011.

The only industries which showed an increase in redundancy over a ten-year period were agriculture, fishing, energy, and water, which saw an 80% increase in redundancy. The information and communication industry also saw a 7% increase.


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