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Why you need to have a happy workforce


25th September 2023
Katharine Birbalsingh on the problem with government
I am sometimes asked if there’s any danger of children being put off by reading Shakespeare....
28th August 2023
The Baroness and the Mujahideen: the remarkable tale of Marefat school in Afghanistan
Vladimir Putin’s Russia launched a special operation against Ukraine on 24th February. This episode ...
14th August 2023
Secretary of State Gillian Keegan on Sir Keir Starmer, Rishi Sunak and how Shirley Williams wrecked the education system
I spent most of my career in business and am a bit of a Johnny-come-Lateley to politics; I got elect...
James Jensen, tennis instructor at Pierpont Racquet Club
19th July 2023
James Jensen: A career in tennis
James Jensen is a renowned tennis coach with years of experience on the court. After competing in th...
7th July 2023
Photo essay: The Teachers’ Strikes
I've often that thought that spring has its secret pitfalls. Every time the moment of the clocks for...
12th May 2023
Class Dismissed: Dame Mary Richardson
We’re at the 80th anniversary of the sinking of HMS Dasher. What’s next in the quest for answers?...
2nd February 2023
The English Teacher: A poem about mentorship by Diego Murillo
There is always one latent in your life, who will shape you to your own advantage. Mine was Balkwi...
Georgina Badine offers her advice for prospective university students
25th January 2023
Georgina Badine: Exploring university options
Finito World’s own Director of Admissions has studied in Geneva, Paris, and London. Through her expe...
Ian Walmsley on his role as Provost of Imperial College London
23rd January 2023
Ian Walmsley on his role as Provost of Imperial College London
Many students make their way through university without coming into contact with any of the people i...
Tushar Kumar on the Finito Education Bursary Scheme
28th December 2022
2022 Highlights: How the Finito Bursary scheme changed my life
As I sat in the carriage of the train watching the Midlands countryside go by, I couldn’t believe ho...
Sir David Lidington on managing stress
23rd December 2022
2022 Highlights: Sir David Lidington – ‘History trains the imagination’
The former de facto No. 2 in the May administration talks about how a history degree has helped him ...
6th December 2022
Opinion: Afghanistan is a case study in why education matters
Sabina Ranger on founding her new beauty business BELLA
1st November 2022
Entrepreneur Sabina Ranger on founding her new beauty business BELLA
Quality products have always fascinated me. I grew up in a family business that specialised in produ...
Pharmacy degree and where it leads
18th October 2022
Pharmacist Liam Beadman on where a pharmacy degree leads
When I graduated, nearly 20 years ago from Nottingham University with a Master’s degree in Pharmacy ...
People with learning disabilities are often overlooked in the world of work, but they are perfectly suited to many roles.
1st September 2022
Those are my principles: Claire Cookson on employing people with learning disabilities
Claire Cookson is CEO of Delivering the Future Now (DFN), a charity dedicated to education, employab...
2nd August 2022
Michel Roux Jr: ‘Le Gavroche is more than the food’
If you're ever lucky enough to eat at Le Gavroche, your good fortune is likely to be compounded once...
12th July 2022
Lessons from a young entrepreneur: a conversation with Zack Fortag
Zack Fortag never connected with the traditional education system. He left school at 16 to find his ...
30th June 2022
1.5 million adults miss upskilling opportunity, research shows
The online education provider Emiratus sent Freedom of Information Act requests to the Department fo...
20th June 2022
New online diploma for changing events industry
The event management industry has undoubtably taken a hit from the pandemic, and with the rise of ne...
10th June 2022
Edtech Interview: Plum Innovations founder Ji Li on the rise of remote learning
By the time I talk to Ji Li the pandemic has receded enough that I could probably meet with him face...
13th April 2022
Katharine Birbalsingh on grammar schools, universities and wokeness
I was at Oxford University and I didn’t really know what to do with my life – I only knew I wouldn’t...

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