Editors Pick

Why you need to have a happy workforce

30th August 2022
Essay: How did universities become a money-making industry?
The UK is home to a high concentration of world-leading universities. Our venerated institutions off...
President Biden's student debt forgiveness
29th August 2022
Biden’s student debt forgiveness explained
Tushar Kumar on the Finito Education Bursary Scheme
26th August 2022
How the Finito Bursary scheme changed my life
As I sat in the carriage of the train watching the Midlands countryside go by, I couldn’t believe ho...
The much-loved Conservative MP discussed the issues facing education in the country covering everything from the legacy of Covid to the skills deficit
25th August 2022
Finito event Report: Chair of the Education Select Committee Robert Halfon MP at the East India Club
24th August 2022
Worried about the cost-of-living crisis? Coldplay can fix you
And so we enter yet another doom and gloom period as the cost of living crisis tightens. This follow...
23rd August 2022
Amazon’s next prey: the hairdressing industry
The ubiquity of the tech giant Amazon has been the melody of the past decade - a thumping tune which...
22nd August 2022
Opinion: What does the business leader of the future look like?
In my role as CEO of CEO Sleepout UK - a charity whose mission is to unite business leaders around a...
19th August 2022
The English Teacher: A poem about mentorship by Diego Murillo
There is always one latent in your life, who will shape you to your own advantage. Mine was Balkwi...
18th August 2022
Essay: Lord Stevenson on the meaning of mental health
As part of our special on the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, we asked leading thinker Dennis Stevens...
17th August 2022
Interview with Simon Giddins: ‘the man you go to if you have a problem the police can’t fix’
Alice Wright meets Simon Giddins – the man you go to if you have a problem the police can’t fix ...
16th August 2022
Interview with founders of polling firm Techne UK: “People started to see our predictions were coming true’
The Italian data analytics, consulting, and public affairs company Techne has opened a new sister co...
15th August 2022
Robert Golding on the profession of literary agent
Whenever someone finds out that you are a writer, one of the first questions you’ll be asked is whet...
12th August 2022
Ronel Lehmann on Maison Francois: ‘French without tears’
I stumbled across Maison Francois quite by chance whilst en route to St James’s Square - but then I ...
11th August 2022
Computer says no: should we welcome AI in recruitment?
As unemployment soars and the market floods with an excess of applicants applying for a limited numb...
10th August 2022
Bob Dylan at 80: what the great songwriter tells us about making our way in the world
A look back at Bob Dylan's 80th birthday, when Robert Golding looked at the career of the Nobel laur...
8th August 2022
HR advice from Uber’s Amee Parekh
Amee Parekh has had an extremely successful career since she graduated from the University of Mumbai...
5th August 2022
No Time To Die: what James Bond tells us about the workplace
I’m lucky to possess an attractive vintage edition of On Her Majesty’s Secret Service (1963). Whenev...
4th August 2022
Mr and Mrs Smith Founder James Lohan: Journal of a Voyage Round My Room
As the travel industry continues to confront headwinds, James Lohan tells us about what the life of ...
3rd August 2022
The Industry 2.0: Journalist aspirants rival bankers for drama and drive
I recently enjoyed the BBC’s new drama Industry, in which we follow five graduates that vie for a pe...
2nd August 2022
Sir Rocco Forte: ‘I’ve never worked so hard in my life’
Robert Golding speaks to the famous hotelier about what graduates need to know about the hotel indus...
2nd August 2022
Michel Roux Jr: ‘Le Gavroche is more than the food’
If you're ever lucky enough to eat at Le Gavroche, your good fortune is likely to be compounded once...

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