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Why you need to have a happy workforce

3rd January 2023
2022 Highlights: Computer says no – should we welcome AI in recruitment?
As unemployment soars and the market floods with an excess of applicants applying for a limited numb...
Julius Ibrahim, tomorrow's leaders are busy tonight
2nd January 2023
2022 Highlights: Second Shot Coffee founder Julius Ibrahim on homelessness and entrepreneurship
When I was 16, before I started university, I was part of a leadership academy which included a two-...
Stormzy in Turku, Finland
30th December 2022
2022 Highlights: Exclusive – The Inside Story on How Stormzy Transformed the Diversity Conversation in the UK
When you think about Oxbridge education, grime music probably isn’t the first place your mind goes. ...
The much-loved Conservative MP discussed the issues facing education in the country covering everything from the legacy of Covid to the skills deficit
29th December 2022
2022 Highlights: Finito event Report – Chair of the Education Select Committee Robert Halfon MP at the East India Club
The much-loved Conservative MP discussed the issues facing education in the country covering everyth...
Tushar Kumar on the Finito Education Bursary Scheme
28th December 2022
2022 Highlights: How the Finito Bursary scheme changed my life
As I sat in the carriage of the train watching the Midlands countryside go by, I couldn’t believe ho...
27th December 2022
2022 Highlights: Opinion – What does the business leader of the future look like?
In my role as CEO of CEO Sleepout UK - a charity whose mission is to unite business leaders around a...
26th December 2022
2022 Highlights: Essay – How did universities become a money-making industry?
The UK is home to a high concentration of world-leading universities. Our venerated institutions off...
Sir David Lidington on managing stress
23rd December 2022
2022 Highlights: Sir David Lidington – ‘History trains the imagination’
The former de facto No. 2 in the May administration talks about how a history degree has helped him ...
22nd December 2022
2022 Highlights: Stuart Thomson on the Crucial Role of Public Affairs
All organisations come with their own jargon, language, and structures. Understanding all that can b...
21st December 2022
2022 Highlights: Meet Melanie Walker – fashion designer turned artist
Melanie Walker discovered the world of art at a young age, but it took the pandemic for her to retur...
20th December 2022
2022 Highlights: Edtech interview – Ji Li of Plum Innovations on Flipped Learning and Blended Learning
There’s a famous quote by Zhou Enlai, who was asked in conversation with Henry Kissinger in the 1970...
19th December 2022
‘They go out of their way to make you feel welcome’: Ronel Lehmann reviews a festive afternoon tea at the Taj Hotels
‘Tis the season of goodwill and sumptuous gift goody bags. In mine, following a Winter Wonders Chris...
19th December 2022
2022 Highlights: Letter from Bucharest -Jonathan Cathey on progress as the first casualty of war
The first casualties of wars are often the young soldiers who have been sent to fight them.  Next, t...
16th December 2022
2022 Highlight: Stuart Thomson – Beware Closed Minds Around You
A creative working environment should recognise the abilities and contribution of everyone. Sadly, d...
15th December 2022
2022 Highlight: Arts universities produce the most start-ups, study shows
New research from the financial tech company Tide shows that art universities produce more start-up ...
13th December 2022
Sir Richard Branson Exclusive: “If you get knocked down, get back up. Over and over again.”
Fame will sometimes have a blurring effect. Public presence sustained over a long period of time can...
13th December 2022
Exclusive: The Inside Story on How William and Kate transformed mental health
Consider this. The background at Kensington Palace looks no different to a luxury hotel. A fern behi...
Robert Halfon reacts to the government's decision to make poetry optional at GCSE on the national curriculum
13th December 2022
Robert Halfon Interview: ‘AI could act like an individual tutor for every child’
Robert Halfon MP, the Chair of the Education Select Committee, has a long history of championing cau...
13th December 2022
Kamala Harris exclusive: The Woman Who Would be King
Patrick Crowder and Christopher Jackson look at the woman a heartbeat away from the presidency of th...
13th December 2022
Exclusive Interview: Sir Martin Sorrell
A look back at Finito World's mid-pandemic talk with Sir Martin Sorrell who offered advice for the d...
12th December 2022
An interview with Stuart Johnson, Director of the University of Bristol Careers Service
Stuart Johnson has led the careers team at Bristol since 2014. We asked him how his team helps stude...

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