Editors Pick

Why you need to have a happy workforce

30th May 2022
Opinion: Patrick Crowder on the HR industry
The mere mention of human resources can conjure up all sorts of preconceptions and emotions. Often h...
27th May 2022
Special report: Tim Fitzgerald’s deep dive into the personal assistant sector
My LinkedIn bio and Masterclass website blurb says. For 20 years, I have been assisting successful...
26th May 2022
Letter from Bucharest: Jonathan Cathey on progress as the first casualty of war
The first casualties of wars are often the young soldiers who have been sent to fight them.  Next, t...
25th May 2022
The Baroness and the Mujahideen: the remarkable tale of Marefat school in Afghanistan
Vladimir Putin’s Russia launched a special operation against Ukraine on 24th February. This episode ...
24th May 2022
Exclusive: David Cameron and the plight of the former Prime Minister
It’s not quite clear if David Cameron is taller than you might expect, or whether you’ve given him e...
23rd May 2022
Photo essay: The Data in Our Midst
Very possibly, if one had to pick a word of this century so far you’d come up with ‘data’. We all re...
20th May 2022
Dr David Moffat’s career transition advice
Not that long ago many young people were able to decide upon their preferred career path and predict...
19th May 2022
Waterfly on Liz Truss, Jeremy Clarkson and Boris Johnson
Finito World’s own Emily Prescott has had an exciting few months, moving from her role at The Evenin...
18th May 2022
Angelina Giovani’s Letter from Greece
'It is a truth universally acknowledged, that every single man or woman in possession of a good fort...
17th May 2022
Review: The Hotel de Russie in Rome and the Hotel Savoy in Florence
It is an aspect of the absurdity unleashed by the pandemic that work sectors experienced contraction...
16th May 2022
Career shift: Eddie Vincent on his switch from finance to furniture-making
Eddie Vincent built a 22-year career in finance after studying at Newcastle University. Now, he has ...
13th May 2022
Mohamed Amersi: “We ignore the Middle East at our peril”
Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has galvanised the international community and triggered a combination ...
12th May 2022
Finn Sheehan reviews Sky Portrait Artist of the Year at Compton Verney
Nestled cosily and luxuriously in a cleft within the gently undulating Warwickshire countryside, sur...
11th May 2022
Review: Talan Skeels-Piggins: The Little Person Inside
10th May 2022
A new poem by Martin Plantinga: Between Jobs at Il Palagio
The renowned poet and philosopher Martin Plantinga describes what it's like to be between jobs...
9th May 2022
The Who’s Roger Daltrey: “Unlike the civil service we got off our butts and did something”
Rebecca Walker talks to the Who Singer and Teenage Cancer Trust patron about his new craft ale, t...
6th May 2022
Jiro Dreams of Sushi Ten Years On: “Excellence is in each of us”
As Costeau was hunkered down on lockdown eating another Deliveroo sushi Deliveroo, it suddenly came ...
5th May 2022
Review, Belfast: a tale about how work changes us
The stature of Kenneth Branagh isn’t in doubt, though I have sometimes heard people prepared to whis...
4th May 2022
Lord Martin Rees: Astronomy brings ‘a special perspective’ on work and life
As the Astronomer-Royal, I would argue that it’s a great luxury to look at the stars – but then the ...
3rd May 2022
Kathryn Parsons MBE on the Seven Skills of The Future
29th April 2022
Meet Melanie Walker: fashion designer turned artist
Melanie Walker discovered the world of art at a young age, but it took the pandemic for her to retur...

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