Editors Pick

Why you need to have a happy workforce

12th May 2023
Class Dismissed: Dame Mary Richardson
We’re at the 80th anniversary of the sinking of HMS Dasher. What’s next in the quest for answers?...
11th May 2023
James Reed on The Big Give
Over the last 15 years, we have built a great machine for fundraising. It is called Big Give,...
10th May 2023
Meet Design Centre Chelsea CE0 Claire German
The space strikes you so forcibly that you’re already planning your next visit as you arrive....
9th May 2023
Exclusive: How King Charles III became the most important voice for social mobility in the UK
No matter how hard the King’s lighting team tries, it is difficult to create an intimate space. He s...
4th May 2023
Introducing the Finito World survey of the Top Royal Warrant Holders
Ever wondered how to get a Royal Warrant? Finito World provides an exclusive survey of those busines...
3rd May 2023
Diary: Sir Anthony Seldon on on Liz Truss, AI and why the unions are in the wrong
The short tenures of recent prime ministers is becoming as unmissable as it is noteworthy. If...
2nd May 2023
Long Read: The Shuffle to the Right: Do we get more right wing as we age?
Once a literary spat caught my eye. It was between the novelist Julian Barnes and the polemicist Chr...
28th April 2023
Christopher Wren at 300
I am standing in St Stephen Walbrook with Helen Vigors who is Heritage Project Manager with the Dioc...
27th April 2023
Film roundup: Why it’s a good year for female film directors at Cannes
Talk to any young person seeking a career in the arts, television or film and the creative industrie...
26th April 2023
Sophia Petrides: Letter from Cyprus
Relocating can be a breath of fresh air, literally and figuratively. After decades of battling throu...
25th April 2023
Douglas Stewart: Letter from the Isle of Man
After many years loving life in London followed by working for seven years in glitzy, noisy and bras...
24th April 2023
Are we in the Age of Pointless Jobs?
It is one of the most astonishing remarks ever attributed to a UK prime minister. The story, as told...
Cézanne, A self-portrait
21st April 2023
The Apple of his Eye: the case of Paul Cézanne
Cézanne is the patron saint of those who don’t find their chosen path in life easy, writes Christoph...
20th April 2023
An Interview with revered clinical psychotherapist Dr. Paul Hokemeyer about Get Back and workplace toxicity
Psychologically speaking, how do toxic work situations arise and why is it that we find them so diff...
19th April 2023
An interview with legendary barrister Khawar Qureshi KC
Of all the things that can happen to you career-wise, to be born with the suspicion that you’d like ...
18th April 2023
Waterfly on King Charles, Ronnie O’Sullivan and Stephen Hawking
As we move towards the coronation of a new King, Waterfly hears that Finito’s CEO Ronel Lehmann has ...
14th April 2023
Opinion: American education is beginning to steal a march on British universities
America has seen its reputation seesaw in recent years. This was largely due to the Trump administra...
13th April 2023
Peter Jackson’s Beatles film Get Back as a study in workplace toxicity
The data is mixed as to whether The Beatles have broken through to the younger generation. The band ...
12th April 2023
Frog founder Adam Handling: “Passion is priceless” in the restaurant industry
My childhood wasn't idyllic. It wasn't one where food was about experience and niceties, it was abou...
11th April 2023
Joseph McDonald on his experience of the Finito bursary scheme
At Finito we are sometimes asked why one-to-one mentoring works: one more possible answer is that pe...
6th April 2023
The Archbishop of York at Easter: ‘We’re going to have to live digitally for the sake of the planet’
York was quite severely hit during the pandemic in hospitality and tourism....

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