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Why you need to have a happy workforce

9th June 2023
“This can be done in a day”: Ebookers founder Dinesh Dhamija on the UK-India trade deal
Growing up in Surrey in the 1990s, you could be forgiven for thinking the future was American: there...
8th June 2023
The Baroness: Frances D’Souza on Sir Keir Starmer, Rishi Sunak and the current deluge of legislation in the House of Lords
I don't think the election will be a slam dunk for Sir Keir Starmer. The main reason for that is I d...
7th June 2023
‘Steppin’ out into the dark night’: a review of Bob Dylan’s Shadow Kingdom
Geniuses never do what we want them to; if they did they'd be just like us. There's recompense for t...
7th June 2023
Personal story: media producer Faten Yaacoub on why she decided to put her career on hold
Child psychology tells parents that the first five years of a child's life are the most important in...
6th June 2023
Dinesh Dhamija: Spirit of Gandhi Signals India’s Soft Power
On his recent visit to Hiroshima in Japan, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi unveiled a statue of ...
5th June 2023
Angelina Giovani-Agha on her career in art provenance
Growing up I always wanted to be a doctor. No one in my family is a doctor, and even though I was te...
2nd June 2023
David Cameron, Theresa May, Lord Cruddas and others remember Lord Young of Graffham (1932-2022)
There are successful business people, successful politicians, marvellous philanthropists and there's...
1st June 2023
From Ukraine to London: how the Finito bursary scheme helped Ukrainian refugee Valeria Mitureva
Very often mentoring can deal with minutiae - the creation of a LinkedIn profile, the process of CV-...
31st May 2023
Diary: longest-serving foreign secretary of Australia Alexander Downer on Rishi Sunak, Gary Lineker and the hilarity of George W. Bush
Ilegal immigration is an important issue for me. I think there's a lot of misreporting about Rwanda,...
30th May 2023
Blur and the Narcissism of the Entertainment Sector
There is a moment in the Beatles catalogue of which I'm especially fond. It comes on Sergeant Pepper...
27th May 2023
Film Review: Meredith Taylor on Grand Prix winner The Zone of Interest at the Cannes Film Festival
Another daring and distinctive outing from the English auteur/commercials director, and his first n ...
26th May 2023
Review of Tar: “You have to work with people, and bring them along with you’
Talent hits a target no one else can hit. Genius hits a target no one else can see.' ...
People with learning disabilities are often overlooked in the world of work, but they are perfectly suited to many roles.
25th May 2023
Dr Susan Doering: How hard is a career transition?
A career transition need not be hard. If the transition has been forced upon us, then there will pro...
24th May 2023
Career Success: Why this One Habit is Crucial in the Workplace
Starting a new job can be daunting, especially when you're surrounded by colleagues who seem to know...
23rd May 2023
Obituary: Martin Amis 1949-2023
I have started to dread a random Apple news flash on my iPhone: this sudden beeping sidebar seems to...
22nd May 2023
Dinesh Dhamija: Why Modi is Big in Japan
It was just a casual encounter, but it told a bigger story. When Joe Biden and Anthony Albanese ...
19th May 2023
Review of Spielberg’s The Fabelmans: ‘a film which tells us our best can be more than enough’
The Fabelmans is plainly the capstone in Steven Spielberg’s remarkable career. It is many things: a ...
18th May 2023
Legendary jeweller Elizabeth Gage on her education, work ethic and friendship with Lauren Bacall
Even for people such as myself who wouldn’t necessarily count themselves...
17th May 2023
Finito bursary candidate Joseph Macdonald on an unexpected interview with Lady Bennett
It wasn’t something I ever expected to do. Though it was an experience a little outside my comfort z...
15th May 2023
Dinesh Dhamija on the ‘diaspora dividend’ of Indians living and working abroad
At a time when India is breaking records for the growth of its population and economy –...
15th May 2023
Siobhan Baillie MP on her new Employability APPG
I have spent over a decade talking to the fabulous founder of Finito about education and whether our...

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