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Why you need to have a happy workforce

Dinings offers a world-class culinary experience
1st February 2023
Review: Dinings SW3
If you are looking for a world-class Japanese culinary experience in the heart of London, it is in y...
30th January 2023
Arts universities produce the most start-ups, study shows
New research from the financial tech company Tide shows that art universities produce more start-up ...
27th January 2023
Economist Roger Bootle on the positive side of AI
The chair of Capital Economics has an optimistic view about the impact of Artificial Intelligence...
26th January 2023
Ten Thousand Hours: Psychologist Natalia Ramsden
Experienced psychologist and founder of SOFOS Associates Natalia Ramsden says that it’s time for a p...
Georgina Badine offers her advice for prospective university students
25th January 2023
Georgina Badine: Exploring university options
Finito World’s own Director of Admissions has studied in Geneva, Paris, and London. Through her expe...
Harvard University is one of the most prestigious within the Ivy League
24th January 2023
The Finito World Guide to Ivy League Universities
The US group of universities known as the Ivy League is world renowned for the history, high academi...
Ian Walmsley on his role as Provost of Imperial College London
23rd January 2023
Ian Walmsley on his role as Provost of Imperial College London
Many students make their way through university without coming into contact with any of the people i...
Director of the National Gallery Gabriele FInaldi shares his views.
20th January 2023
Class Dismissed: Gabriele Finaldi
I think my favourite picture changes all the time, and when you when you mentioned favourite picture...
Personal Branding
19th January 2023
The importance of personal branding
Standing out from the crowd is important at any stage of a career but it is best to get into good ha...
18th January 2023
Model Rosalie Nelson: they wanted me ‘down to the bone’
In Australia they have a healthier outlook on how models should look...
16th January 2023
Long Read: Have we Lost the Habit of Independent Thought?
Our cities are so far advanced down a misguided aesthetic that even revolutionary projects must be u...
13th January 2023
Adam Page: ‘It’s indefensible to be involved in business and not understand finance’
This is the story of a fantastic journey....
11th January 2023
How to be A Sommelier
Years ago Costeau was fortunate to meet the legendary sommelier Georgios Kassianos, the so-called Go...
10th January 2023
Tim Jackson: I Learned it in a Band: How to apply transferable skills to just about anything
I have a theory: much of the value-add you bring to your work comes from elsewhere....
10th January 2023
Book review: Iain Dale: The Presidents: 250 Years of American Political Leadership
Why do we find ourselves so interested in Presidents? For many people the interest is really in the ...
9th January 2023
Jim O’Neill on the MINTs, Goldman v government, and how countries become successful
After my paper published by Goldman Sachs coining the term ‘the BRICs’ – which referred to Brazil, R...
9th January 2023
Interview with UCL Careers Director Karen Barnard
Karen Barnard has been the Director of the UCL careers service for 17 years, following two years as ...
6th January 2023
Long Read: How Gatekeepers have Altered the Public Discourse
I was once in a position when I had to interview the rock star Sting and his wife Trudi Styler for a...
Cllr. Bayo Alaba on race and politics
6th January 2023
Opinion – Cllr. Bayo Alaba on race and politics
Labour Councillor for Redbridge Bayo Alaba speaks out against those who say MPs of colour do not rep...
The online trading and brokerage platform CMC Markets has analysed LinkedIn data to see where employees of the Big Four attended university
5th January 2023
2022 Highlights: Where do Big Four employees attend university?
The Big Four accounting firms are the largest networks providing professional services worldwide. Er...
Georgina Badine offers her advice for prospective university students
4th January 2023
2022 Highlights: New Finito Head of Admissions Georgina Badine on what makes a good mentor
At Finito, we continue to believe that effective mentoring is the one thing which can really make a ...

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