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Why you need to have a happy workforce


1st July 2022
Pandemic led to increased whistleblowing, report finds
Whistleblowing is an important driver of change. When legislation fails, or when companies fail to f...
30th June 2022
1.5 million adults miss upskilling opportunity, research shows
The online education provider Emiratus sent Freedom of Information Act requests to the Department fo...
29th June 2022
Under One Sky – a talk with charity CEO Mikkel Iversen
Under One Sky became a registered charity only a few months ago, but they have been helping the home...
28th June 2022
The highest paying travel-based jobs
For many people, getting paid to travel is the dream. For many, it also seems unattainable, but that...
23rd June 2022
#Hiring: LinkedIn Expert Amanda Brown on the Rise of Social Recruitment
The term ‘social recruitment’ has gradually seeped into business language as recruitment and HR depa...
22nd June 2022
High street retailers must accommodate older customers to survive, charity says
The International Longevity Centre (ILC) is launching a two-year campaign to make the retail sector ...
21st June 2022
Small businesses value personal skills over qualifications, survey finds
Job applicants often worry a lot about their CVs. What qualifications to list, experience in the fie...
20th June 2022
New online diploma for changing events industry
The event management industry has undoubtably taken a hit from the pandemic, and with the rise of ne...
17th June 2022
Distracting tech poses data breach risk
There can be many distractions in the workplace, but with today’s constant connectivity, hard to nav...
16th June 2022
The Great Banking Exodus – burnout in the financial sector
The financial sector can be a stressful environment, and we’re seeing large numbers of industry prof...
10th June 2022
Edtech Interview: Plum Innovations founder Ji Li on the rise of remote learning
By the time I talk to Ji Li the pandemic has receded enough that I could probably meet with him face...
9th June 2022
An interview with James Connor: Millwall F.C. footballer turned wealth manager
James Connor isn’t exactly your traditional idea of a footballer – but then he’s not necessarily ...
7th June 2022
Stuart Thomson on the Crucial Role of Public Affairs
All organisations come with their own jargon, language, and structures. Understanding all that can b...
6th June 2022
Larry David v Dave Chappelle: the Battle for the Soul of America
All the talk of the 21st century belonging to the Chinese isn’t likely to have been reduced by the s...
1st June 2022
Opinion: Why human resource management deserves to be seen as a desirable profession
In the opening episode of the new drama Slow Horses, a wrongly disgraced Mi5 officer takes some comf...
1st June 2022
Jubilee weekend: royal-themed SMEs surge
Ahead of the Jubilee weekend, there has been a 70% surge in royal-themed small businesses. According...
31st May 2022
An interview with HR professor Chris Brewster: “Dealing with people is an attractive option”
Professor Chris Brewster, who teaches International Human Resource Management at Henley Business Sch...
30th May 2022
Opinion: Patrick Crowder on the HR industry
The mere mention of human resources can conjure up all sorts of preconceptions and emotions. Often h...
27th May 2022
Special report: Tim Fitzgerald’s deep dive into the personal assistant sector
My LinkedIn bio and Masterclass website blurb says. For 20 years, I have been assisting successful...
26th May 2022
Letter from Bucharest: Jonathan Cathey on progress as the first casualty of war
The first casualties of wars are often the young soldiers who have been sent to fight them.  Next, t...
25th May 2022
The Baroness and the Mujahideen: the remarkable tale of Marefat school in Afghanistan
Vladimir Putin’s Russia launched a special operation against Ukraine on 24th February. This episode ...

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