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Why you need to have a happy workforce


28th March 2023
Stephen Fry on the need to relax
Despite his success, one sometimes feels a little sorry for Stephen Fry: for some, he is the celebri...
27th March 2023
Film review: What does the case of Elvis Presley tell us about work?
We sometimes talk as a society as though being successful were somehow the be-all and end-all...
24th March 2023
Baroness Anne Jenkin on Women2Win, JK Rowling and the ‘Animal Farm of our times’
My prime role in life is as an advocate for getting more women into Parliament...
23rd March 2023
Stuart Thomson: Don’t Be Afraid To Ask Questions in the Workplace
We all want to learn by receiving feedback on our work but sometimes that just isn’t enough....
Careers in finance are seeing increasing interest
20th March 2023
Study reveals most in-demand finance careers
Auditing is the most desired finance career, according to a study by CMC Markets. The study, which a...
17th March 2023
Katharine Birbalsingh on the problem with government
I am sometimes asked if there’s any danger of children being put off by reading Shakespeare....
16th March 2023
Opinion: Job-seekers need to embrace this period of change
It was Ernest Hemingway who said in respect of bankruptcy that it happens ‘bit by bit, then all at o...
15th March 2023
A Letter from Cyprus: Sophia Petrides
Relocating can be a breath of fresh air, literally and figuratively. After decades of battling throu...
14th March 2023
Diary: Toby Young on journalism, diversity-crats and not oversleeping
Journalism is a great career for someone in their twenties and thirties, but it’s a very people are ...
13th March 2023
Former minister Brooks Newmark on Rwanda, lifelong learning, and Ukraine
As an MP, over 25 per cent of the people who approach you for surgeries is generally about their chi...
10th March 2023
Sock it to them: Ronel Lehmann reviews Socca Bistro
Our dinner was booked at Mark’s Club, but my host informed me that the establishment was closed for ...
9th March 2023
Interview with Simon Giddins: ‘the man you go to if you have a problem the police can’t fix’
Alice Wright meets Simon Giddins – the man you go to if you have a problem the police can’t fix ...
8th March 2023
What can Vincent Van Gogh teach us in our careers?
To say it’s Vincent Van Gogh season in London might be to overstate the case: it always is....
24th February 2023
Exclusive: David Cameron and the plight of the former Prime Minister
It’s not quite clear if David Cameron is taller than you might expect, or whether you’ve given him e...
Learn to express your employability skills on your application and in an interview.
23rd February 2023
Increase your employability through solid applications
If you’re on the search for a new job then you most likely have a method to cut through the madness,...
21st February 2023
Opinion: Patrick Crowder on the HR industry
The mere mention of human resources can conjure up all sorts of preconceptions and emotions. Often h...
Poker is an oft-used allegory for business meetings and negotiations, and for good reason. In both scenarios, the ability to read the micro expressions of your interlocutor is essential to success.
16th February 2023
Micro expressions tell all, so learn to read them
The online casino company Jeffbet has taken their expertise in the gaming industry and applied it to...
15th February 2023
Why lifelong learning should never stop
Too often when we think about lifelong learning, it applies only to those who have been in the workf...
working abroad has become much more popular since the pandemic
13th February 2023
How to manage your budget when working abroad
The lifestyle of the ‘digital nomad’ has become much more popular following the pandemic. Increased ...
The top dream job internationally is becoming a pilot
10th February 2023
Dream jobs around the world
What’s your dream job? It’s a question asked of most everyone, and often from a very young age....
9th February 2023
An Inside Look at the Changing Chess Industry
Like many, I started playing chess during the lockdowns to break the monotony of endless media consu...

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