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Why you need to have a happy workforce


25th March 2022
In frame – a talk with Neil Robertson
Patrick Crowder talks work/life balance, homesickness, mentorship, and education with the champion A...
14th February 2022
Edtech interview: Ji Li of Plum Innovations on Flipped Learning and Blended Learning
10th January 2022
An interview with Stuart Johnson, Director of the University of Bristol Careers Service
27th December 2021
2021 highlights: How to be an Epidemiologist
22nd December 2021
2021 highlights: Sir Richard Branson Exclusive: “If you get knocked down, get back up. Over and over again.”
7th December 2021
Interview: Violin teacher Georgina Leach on engaging students, new teaching methods
Patrick Crowder sat down with violin teacher Georgina Leach to discuss the value of musical...
3rd December 2021
An interview with divorce lawyer Jeremy Levison about his office art collection
29th November 2021
An Interview with Oliver Curson of Berkeley Parks
23rd November 2021 founder Nathan Haines on career options in the film industry
22nd November 2021
Enness Global founder Islay Robinson on his remarkable career in the UHNW mortgages space
18th November 2021
Joe Hildebrand of Accenture:“We show up with the playfulness we inject into our work”
11th November 2021
Interview: Advocate James Cameron on Chernobyl, COP 26, and how we solve the climate crisis
10th November 2021
COP 26: Entrepreneur Zak Johnson on his green fashion business
2nd November 2021
COP 26: Sir David Attenborough interview
28th October 2021
Sophia Thakur: “TS Eliot would’ve loved Instagram poetry”
20th October 2021
Education interview: University of Buckingham Vice-Chancellor James Tooley
15th October 2021
How to get hired in a flooded job market
14th October 2021
New recruitment platform places diversity at the forefront
8th October 2021
Andrew Lloyd Webber: “If I were in the House of Lords today, I’d resign the Conservative whip”
4th October 2021
Lily Lewis:“I want to be rich, famous and thin – and if I can’t be that I want to help”
21st September 2021
Andrew Cooper interview: Lessons from an entrepreneur

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