Editors Pick

Why you need to have a happy workforce

19th May 2022
Waterfly on Liz Truss, Jeremy Clarkson and Boris Johnson
Finito World’s own Emily Prescott has had an exciting few months, moving from her role at The Evenin...
13th May 2022
Mohamed Amersi: “We ignore the Middle East at our peril”
Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has galvanised the international community and triggered a combination ...
11th May 2022
Review: Talan Skeels-Piggins: The Little Person Inside
4th May 2022
Lord Martin Rees: Astronomy brings ‘a special perspective’ on work and life
As the Astronomer-Royal, I would argue that it’s a great luxury to look at the stars – but then the ...
29th April 2022
Meet Melanie Walker: fashion designer turned artist
Melanie Walker discovered the world of art at a young age, but it took the pandemic for her to retur...
28th April 2022
Book review: Iain Dale: The Presidents: 250 Years of American Political Leadership
Why do we find ourselves so interested in Presidents? For many people the interest is really in the ...
26th April 2022
Snooker at 147: opportunities in the snooker industry
It’s a special year for snooker. Not only are crowds returning to Sheffield’s famous Crucible Theatr...
21st April 2022
Nimco Ali: “A young campaigner should educate themselves as broadly as possible”
I’m proud to say I’m the granddaughter of a freedom fighter – a man who defended his country against...
20th April 2022
Baroness Anne Jenkin: ‘I tell senior colleagues never to have a meeting without a woman round the table – and preferably two!’
I founded Women2Win with Theresa May in November 2015. At that stage the Conservative party had nine...
19th April 2022
Nick Wheeler: “It’s a perfectly acceptable thing to be an entrepreneur today”
I was born in Ludlow in 1965, and my mother died when I was five. So my little brother was five year...
13th April 2022
Katharine Birbalsingh on grammar schools, universities and wokeness
I was at Oxford University and I didn’t really know what to do with my life – I only knew I wouldn’t...
12th April 2022
Opinion: War and the Dignity of Work
When Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin invaded Ukraine he was certainly not trying to reinforce values op...
11th April 2022
Economist Roger Bootle on the positive side of AI
The chair of Capital Economics has an optimistic view about the impact of Artificial Intelligence...
8th April 2022
Spring Roundtable with LinkedIn expert Amanda Brown
Finito mentor, Amanda Brown, who has expertise in social media aspects of employability, and takes q...
7th April 2022
Opinion: Gina Miller on a new beginning for schools
We have 167,000 charities in the United Kingdom – that’s a phenomenal number. But we have only one o...
6th April 2022
Opinion: Independent thinking is the only basis for a fulfilling career
The conservative thinker Peter Hitchens begins his book The Cameron Delusion with these words: “Conv...
5th April 2022
Sir Martin Sorrell on AI and the future of China
The Founder of S4 Capital surveys the geopolitical landscape in 2022 and finds both dangers and oppo...
4th April 2022
Stuart Thomson on the importance of building your personal reputation
Reputations do not just apply to businesses. We all carry a reputation with us at all times – good o...
1st April 2022
Helping the Next Generation: An Update on the Finito Bursary Scheme
Finito mentor Andy Inman explains the birth of new arm of the Finito Bursary scheme...
31st March 2022
An interview with Sir Tom Stoppard on his friend Clive James
Christopher Jackson hears from the 83-year-old playwright about his old friend, and finds evidence o...
30th March 2022
No Time To Die: what James Bond tells us about the workplace
I’m lucky to possess an attractive vintage edition of On Her Majesty’s Secret Service (1963). Whenev...

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